Hi , let's talk about why this page exists. Statistically speaking there is sufficient research on a vast majority of personal sites. Your about page is often the most visited, so I'm mostly saving you clicks here.

I'm a technologist at heart interested in empowering friends, family, customers I serve, and even strangers introducing them to tools to automate the mundane tasks for the more adventures parts in their daily lives. No seriously, tell me what you're working on and I'll find you an app for that. While software isn't the only avenue, it's certainly most fun. In practise, I spend most days designing stuff and writing code, spearheading technical initiatives, angel investing and running the fun parts of a family owned construction business. I've spent the past half a decade working at the intersection of web3 and developer tools.

I first dabbled in bitcoin with a good friend who had a vision to build a platform that would allow listeners to unlock music tracks through micropayments. At the time, bitcoin payments were a few cents. We've come a long way. What hasn't changed is our ability to make payments and enjoy doing things together, cheaply, privately and without some platform changing the rules once they've become established.

In 2018, I joined a young herd at BisonTrails as their first frontend engineer that were early pioneers in fully managed blockchain infrastructure. Since acquisition by Coinbase, I've continued my focus is helping externalize 0 to 1 developer products.

I'm truly grateful you've read so far. If you're interested in my bootstrapped venture, unlock some early discounts to my newest experimental onchain NFT fashion brand, at outpaint.io.